Webinar on Monkeypox

Topic - " Viruses Continue to Teach- The Monkeypox Business and Indian Healthcare "

1 Introduction to Webinar Dr. Raman Sardana Video
2 Historical Perspective and Epidemiology of Monkey Pox Virus Prof. Meher Rizvi Video
3 Virology and diagnostics of Monkeypox Virus Prof. Priya Abraham Video
4 Vaccines for Monkeypox and immune protection of community, Cross protection, Future Aspects Dr. Naveen Kumar Gupta Video
5 Clinical features, antivirals and case management of Monkeypox Dr. Amit Kumar Mandal Video
6 Infection, Prevention and Control specific to Monkeypox Dr. Rohini Kelkar Video
7 Bio Medical Waste Management Specific to Monkey pox (Patient Care area, labs and home care) Prof. Malini Capoor Video